Senegal Dagger

AN50 Senegal Dagger

Code AN50

A dagger provisionally identified as from Senegal, showing Tuareg and Spanish influence. 20th c. based on condition.

Overall Length 10 3/4 inches. Hilt 4 inches to base of guard. Blade 6 3/8 inches, 1/8 inch thick for the first 2 1/4 inches from hilt (top), thereafter sharpened on both sides. The cross section is a very flat oval, thickening towards the tip, presumably for better penetration of armor (much like a pesh kabz).

The hilt is slightly barrel shaped overall with a flattened spherical pommel. The hilt is composed of stacked brass, silver, and black horn with copper or copper-alloy and silver/tin predominate on the pommel. The design of the hilt is atypical for Senegal. The barrel shape and stacked hilt is strongly reminiscent of the Chuchillo Canario, suggesting an Iberian influence. There is a small guard of brass and forte of copper, each featuring engraved geometic designs.

The scabbard is metal over wood and finely soldered. The back side is tin. On the front side, brass and copper sections alternate with a brass knob at the chape. These are decorated with asymmetic geometic designs impressed and carved on the metal.