Aikuchi Tanto 2

J1 Aikuchi Tanto in scabbard
J1 Aikuchi Tanto with scabbard

Code: J1

This is a Meji-period Aikuchi Tanto short sword from Japan, circa late 1800's to early 1900's. The hilt and scabbard of well-aged bone with carved decorations depicting village life in Japan.  The scabbard comprises two pieces of bone that have become separated.  There is no guard.  The blades on aikuchi tantos are made from inferior quality steel compared to other Nihon weapons, generally steel that could not pass the strict tests required.  Tantos such as this one were household and battlefield weapons of last resort.  Their cylindrical form and lack of a guard made them easy to hide in clothing.  Aikuchi tanto were prized by early visitors to Japan particularly due to the detailed carvings. For more information about this type of blade,  please see the page about my other Aikuchi Tanto.