Kachin Naga Dao

SA9 Naga Kachin Dao

Code:  SA9

This is an antique “Kachin Dao” of the Naga, a fiercely independent group of tribes that customarily raided each other and neighboring areas in the pursuit of human heads.  Of all the “head hunting” tribes of the world, the Naga were perhaps the most feared, and for good reason.  The dao sword was their weapon of choice. A smaller dao, used for domestic purposes (differentiated from the combat purpose of the dao sword) is virtually the only other tool available to the Naga.

This dao is over 31” in total length and still sharp enough to shave your beard (as long as you are up to date on your tetanus shots).  It is straight, heavy, square-ended with a chisel-edged blade that is narrowest at the hilt. 

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Yimchunger Naga man with his spear and dao, wearing a typical apron embroidered with cowrie shells.
Semator village, near Burma border. 

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