Omani Khanjar with Shafra

Omani Khanjar with Shafra

Code AN55

This is an older 20th C khanjar from Oman, complete with shafra (back knife) and belt with Omani buckle. This Khanjar was collected in Nizwa in the early 1970s by a mercenary then serving with the Sultans Armed Forces (Sultan Qaboos).

The Khanjar predates 1970 as it does not bear the Arms of Sultan Qaboos who came to power in that year after overthrowing his father in a Palace coup. Later examples usually (but not always) showed his Coat of Arms on the silver belt buttons.

The Khanjar blade appears to be hand forged from a single piece of iron/steel.

The leather belt is stamped with the letters R F A and an impression of a mosque surmounted by a crown. 

The hilt is made of “saifani horn.