Soviet Shashka with Bayonet

NC2 Shashka - bayonette-scabbard

Code: NC2

This is a Soviet shashka sword, probably dating to World War II.  Various types of shashka were carried by the Soviet cavalry.  The sword, bayonet and scabbard are all in excellent but worn condition and show some rusting.  The pommel, hilt and scabbard each show the Soviet hammer and sickle insignia.  Additionally, the number 5826 and letters H W . ("dot") 7 appear stamped on the ricasso.  The blade has a single deep fuller whichc serves to lighten the blade considerably.  The blade is very sharp and shows watering, multiple folds and almost a "hamon" at the sharp edge.  This is a well crafted and once deadly weapon.


Cossacks, armed with Shashka and Kindjals

The shashka sword originated among the mountain peoples of the Caucasus. Later, it was used by Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks.  Originally, shashkas were used for the purpose of cutting vines used to construct houses.  Later, shashkas became fencing exercise swords for young men. By the end of the 19th century fencing became rare.  The shashka was used primarily for close encounter battles when everything else failed.

The saber and shashka are often confused.  Although similar visually, they are very different in terms of their construction.  Like the Japanese katana, the shashka may be drawn from the scabbard to a direct attack in a single movement. Speed is the most important advantage of a shashka over other types of sword.  

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