Parang Nabur

IN22 Parang Nabur

Code IN22

Also called a Beladah Belabang, the Parang Nabur is a Malay sword from the island of Borneo, the blade has an indigenous shape, whereas the hilt, with its guard, is of European influence. It is a very well balanced slashing weapon, its small size is adapted to Malay people. This saber shaped sword with the D guard is strongly influenced from the naval cutlasses carried by the Dutch sailors, and shows a perfect blend of European with Islamic styles. This parang nabur has a blade curved towards the point, and widest at the point of curvature. The hilt is generally of bone and has a guard and finger guard of brass or iron. The total length is just under 79 cm. This type of sword is also used by the Dyak on Borneo, in Kalimantan

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