SA13 Thai Dha

Code SA13

A recent (no earlier than 1965) dha from Chiang Mai area of Thailand near the border with Burma.

Overall length of blade and hilt is 33 ½ inches.  Length of blade is 22 inches. The width of the blade is 1 inch at the hilt, brooding along the convex blade edge to 1 ⅜ inch at 5 ½ inches before the tip.  The thickness is ¼ inch at the hilt, tapering gently for 5 inches and thereafter more quickly towards the tip.  The back of the blade is slightly concave with a curve that is asymmetrical to the blade edge.  The blade edge sweeps up over 5 inches to an acute tip. The upswept point is typical of hau drab or hat lem.

Marks on the blade include a circle composed of four curves nearest the hilt on one side only. This is followed (on both sides of the blade) by a stack of five eyelash marks.  At the origin of the upsweep to the tip there are another five stacked eyelash marks followed by two, thereafter by another five eyelash marks in a line.  The top of the blade nearest the hilt is decorated with a sequence of five slightly offset file marks followed by a copper inset and then another five file marks. The edge of the blade is sharpened in a flat grind and has a single edge cross section.

The scabbard of black lacquered wood is bound with braided rattan and decorated with gilt in the dragon (naga) design and floral designs.  The chape of the scabbard is an acute point, also of wood.