Dha-hmyaung Mead Peek Nok

SA21 Small Mead Peek Nok

Code SA21

This is a small, knife size (dha-hmyaung) Mead Peek Nok originating in northern Thailand or Laos c. mid-19th C.  It is called "mead peek nok" (birds wing knife) in the Thai language. In other areas the name would be different. This style is found in various lengths. This one is roughly 6 inches long (exact measurements to be posted soon). Compare it with a much largre Mead Peek Nok in my collection. This is a working knife, probably used for splitting and working with rattan and similar materials. The style of knife is found across a swath of northern southeast asia as far east as the Tonkin region of Vietnam. The hilt is made of rosewood or similar native hardwood and has a dark red/brown color and aged patina. The hilt is trimmed in brass.