Kerambit, Java Indonesia

Code:  IN19

A beautiful old Indonesian Kerambit, also called a lawi ayam (chicken claw).  Excellent craftsmanship, strong, secure and a very sharp blade showing some signs of use.  Total length is 31 cm.  The kerambit (karambit, korambit) is a very old utility knife originating around the 13 century.  Although it was originally designed (and is still commonly used) for daily chores, it has evolved into an exceptional form that symbolizes a tiger claw. The Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat, Malaysian Bersilat, and Filipino Kali use the kerambit as a weapon.

A carved head decorates the top of the water buffalo bone hilt. The wooden sheath is shaped and carved to perfectly match the knife and hilt.   The sheath also has a face carved into it.

The kerambit / lawi ayam is the smaller cousin of the lawi macan (kuku macan)