Keris Brojol Pajajaran

Keris Brojol sword in scabbard

Code: KN16

A Keris with a very old blade, from Java.  The blade has more recently been embellished with gold on both sides.

Dapur (style): brojol

Pamor (surface pattern): kulit semangka with kolo cokro new gold inlaid (“extends society life”)

Tangguh (era): Pajajaran, 12th to 13th century

Luk (waves): 0

Warangka Sampir (sheath top):  gayaman solo surakarta

Kayu (wood): Teak or Jati (Tectona grandis)

Pelet (wood pattern): none

Pendok (sleeve): blewehan / slorok yogya

Total length: From blade to pesi app. 37.5cm

I originally bought the blade alone and then commissioned the “clothing”, specifically, the pendok, the decorative metal sleeve that covers the gandar. The shape I selected is called “Blewehan” (or Slorok) Yogya, a traditional shape of Java.  This pendok is covered with a distinctive floral pattern.


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