Keris Nagasasra Lung Kamarogan

Code: KU25

Dapur (style): Nagasasra Lung Kamarogan

Tangguh (era): Kamardikan (20th century)

Pamor (surface pattern): Beras Wutah (“Luck and peaceful life”)

Rickican (blade Features): The blade is decorated with golden Dragon and Floral ornament, gold onlay, very nice inlaid carved creation.

Luk (waves): 13

Hulu (hilt): Bold floral, dragon and bird carving

Mendak (fittings): Golden color

Warangka (sheath top):  Ladrang Kagok Maduranese.

Total length: The length of the blade is 37.5cm and total length 50.2cm

Edged Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago

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