Keris Tilam Upih

Code: KR18

Dapur (style): Tilam Upih

Tangguh (era): Pajajaran  (c. 1126 - 1250)

Pamor (surface pattern): Banyu Setetes

Hulu (hilt): Solo (Surakarta)

Mendak (fittings):

Warangka (sheath top): Gayaman

Kayu (wood): timoho (Kleinhovia Hospita)

Pelet (wood pattern): Gandrung  (brings fame and love)

Pendok (sleeve): Blewehan/Slorok, Decoration: Belahan

Total length:

Main Characteristic:   Guardian Spirit & Used for Business Development

Virtues: Suitable for business men, helps to attract sales and clients. Gives the power to expand and move fast business development. Protection against magical attacks by jealous competitors, Attraction powers over the opposite sex.

Edged Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago

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