Panjang Java

Java Peudeung. Photo Courtesy of A. Maisey.

Code IN57

This is an Panjang likely from Java c. late 18h to early 19th century. The name assigned here is provisional pending more research.

The back of blade curves down to the point. It has the typical elaborate floral (sometimes called "crown") motif at the ferrule and bifurcated hilt. The direction of the crown is opposite to that found in Sumatra.

The overall length is 17 ½ inches.

The blade measures 11 ¾ inches long and 1 ⅜ wide. It is ¼ inch thick at the forte, tapering distally to ⅛ inch before sweeping down to the tip. There is a single wide fuller on both sides of the blade that extends the length of the straight portion of the blade. This yields both a lighter weapon as well as a T-shaped cross section to provide strength. The bifurcated blade is composed of black buffalo horn and is of the rare hulu lunge rusa type.

The blade features an unusual dark "random" pamor referred to generally as "Tiban." This pamor is an unplanned or uncontrolled pattern created by the smith ("empu"), said to have more energy than pamor rekan. Pamor tiban is regarded as a gift from God.  

The scabbard is a very simple cover for the blade, possibly made of the wood called kayu sono.

Photos courtesy of Alan Maisley.