Pedang Lurus Prestige

Pedang Lurus with Scabbard
IN71 Pedang Lurus

Code: IN71

This short sword is a prestige pedang lurus (luwuki) from Java, The blade is old and the hilt and scabbard are age appropriate, circa early 1900’s if not earlier.  The pedang lurus is common in Java but is also found elsewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago.

The pedang lurus is usually distinguished by beautiful silver decorations on the hilt and scabbard, either partially or fully covering the hilt and scabbard as in this example.  The full covering with sheet silver identifies this as a prestige sword. 

The hilt is beautifully embossed and carved in a parrot and floral motif. The bottom of the hilt shows the parrots face which is quite striking and resembles a human ancestor figural face. A very powerful and well crafted hilt.

The blade is straight or slightly downward-curving and is partly two-edged where it tapers towards the point.  Also typical is a cross-guard before the hilt that fits flush into the scabbard's throat. The blade appears to be of local Java manufacture with a visible but unidentified pamor.