Pedang Luwuk Sanak

IN68 Pedang Luwuk

Code IN68

This is a very good pedang luwuk from Java, Indonesia. The blade features pamor sanak, the black core of the blade extends to provide a clearly defined cutting edge, there is a Kul Buntet at the base of the blade. Pamor Kul Buntet has a similar character to pamor Batu Lapak, but it is believed to be more regal and more powerful than Batu Lapak. Talismanically this pamor is believed to bring many women to its custodian, and to prevent disharmony and quarrelling in his house. It is a pamor which should be treated as a family heirloom.

The hilt and scabbard are much younger than the blade, they have been carved by a master m'ranggi from kayu sono, the hilt has a fluted pommel, the scabbard has the chape and locket of horn.

This pedang was acquired in Solo, Central Jawa, during the 1980’s. It was recently acquired from the original collector.

Blade length 15.6" (397mm.) overall length 23.5" (395mm.)