Dayak Beladau

IN61 Dayak Beladau

Code IN61

"This dagger may be a Dayak Beladau (Baladau) from Kalimantan (Indonesian) Borneo. It differs from the sadop which has a straight blade. This beladua gently curved double-edged blade has a flattened diamond cross-section with slightly convex to flat facets and measures 8 1/8 inches (20.8 cm) with a dark gray blade finish except for some rubbing over high points. A wooden hilt of figured wood continues along the curvature of the blade and widens slightly into a pair of domes. Overall length is 11¾ inches (30 cm) with a weight of just under 4 ounces (111 grams).”

From his collection, the Estate of Lew Waldman.