Keris Bugis Badik

Bugis Badik

Code KB1

Tangguh (era): 20th century

Dapur (style): Badik (Badek)

Luk (waves): 3

Hulu: Rounded pistol grip style

Rickican (blade Features):  Koranic script, in Arabic

This is a Badik (Badek) of the Bugis peoples of Sulawesi. Historically, the Bugis are active seafarers and merchants.  Thus, this design has spread to Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, and Borneo, Java and Bali.  The Badik is believed to have supernatural power similar to the Keris.  Typical for the Bugis Badik, this dagger has a 90 degree rounded pistol grip.  The script on the blade is a quote from the Koran in Arabic.  The Badik is carried on either the left or right side of the body with the hilt’s end pointed backward.  In a confrontation, turning the hilt forward without drawing the blade is a signal to others that combat may be imminent but stops short of violence.

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