Aceh Ladeng, Photo Courtesy of Oriental Arms

Aceh Ladeng (Ladieng) Klewang Variant
Photo Courtesy of Oriental Arms

Code IN77

This sword is a variant of the klewang known as Ladeng (Ladeeng, Ladieng) from N.Sumatra, Indonesia. The ladeng is carried by the Aceh, Gayo and Alas ethnic groups of that region. It was once a formidable weapon in combat. In recent times, it is used for brush clearing and to slay sacrificial animals.

The name Ladeng (Ladieng) is used by the Aceh. The Gayo and Alas refer to it as Rudus Lenti.

The blade is very heavy, and slightly recurved. It is curved slightly upward in the last third of the length towards the tip, which then curves down sharply to form a rounded spatulate tip. The blade is thickest at the hilt, tapering slightly towards the tip. The width of the blade is greatest at the tip. The cross section of the blade is diamond shaped, with a strong medial ridge.

The blade alone is 26 inches long. The total length is 31 inches.

The hilt is beautifully carved horn in style of hulu tapa guda.

The ladeng has no scabbard. It is always hand held.