Pedang III Silver Mounts

Pedang III Silver Mounts

Code IN70

This is a Pedang of type “III” from Sumatra, Indonesia, circa late 19th to early 20th C, although the blade may be much older. 

The blade is straight with a slight down-curve to the tip. The pamor is possibly Tritik, a strong central linear pattern extending from hilt to tip. The blade is flat and of nearly uniform thickness, tapering only slightly from the base to tip. 

The hilt is of horn with a silver band before the pommel. The pommel is beautifully carved in a classic floral pattern in high relief.

The scabbard is ot two wooden pieces, secured together by a narrow silver band at the throat, a brass band in the top third, and two more broad silver bands just above the chape. The bands are undecorated

*Type III:  See Albert G. Van Zonneveld, "Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago". Plate 396. Page 102