Pedang Palembang

pedang r

Code IN63

This Sumatran Pedang Palembang is an interpretation of a Japanese sword. Sumatra has long had busy port cities and the Japanese sword style would have been well known as a result of traders and mercenaries visiting the region. This pedang blade style blade seems to be limited to the Palembang sultanate and hinterlands. The sword originates from a Dutch colonial collection and I acquired it from a well-known collector who specializes in this region.

The blade is pattern-welded with a nice linear pamor. A single fuller extends along the spine of the blade until the blade narrows towards the tip. The blade is 6.7mm thick at the base with a length of 585mm.

The hilt features high quality silver work with a small bit of damage on the left side. The horn pommel is interpreted as a stylized clenched fist. This is a rare but not unknown motif from the eastern side of Sumatra. For comparison, see this sewar (external link). Alternatively, it may also be a stylized hulu iku ite. In either case, these hilt types are limited to northern Sumatra.

The overall length (OAL) is 735mm. The sword is heavy in comparison with other pedangs, weighing 727g (1 lb 9.6 oz)