Rencong Peudoi Carabao Horn

Rencong Peudoi - Blade only


A rencong peudoi (puntung, puluen, pudoi) from northern Sumatra, typical of the Aceh people.  The overall length is 8 ¾ when mounted in the scabbard.  Quite small for a rencong and easily concealable in the hair or clothing. The hilt (hulu) is in the peudoi shape and made of carved black carabao horn. It may be recarved from some other shape that was broken or unwanted. The steel bolster is faceted in the traditional hexagonal shape. The blade thickness tapers distally towards the tip and is heavier than what is typically seen. The blade is very worn. 

 (rentcong, rentjong, rentjoeng, reuncong, rintjong, rincoeng) 

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