Rencong Hulu Dandan with Doeró Seuké

rentjong with grooved horn hilt

Code IN40

See Rencong.

Here is another beautiful rencong (rentcong, rentjong, rintjong rentjoeng, reuncong)  from the Aceh Gaya tribe in Northern Sumatra.  The scabbard is original. This rencong is pre-1900. The hilt type is dandan".

The hexagonal faceted bolster is of brass or iron. The doeró seuké at the base of the blade shows fine filing and carving.  The blade is concave and ends in a gently upswept tip at a fine point.

Although a multitude of edged weapons are used in Aceh there are 3 primary weapons that have played a role in Aceh’s history. They are the rencong, Siwaih ( Siwah, Sewar, Siwar) and peudeueng.

Aceh Gayo people with Rentjong

Aceh Gayo people with Rentjong