Sumatran Sewar

Code IN20

A traditional Sewar (Siwah, Siwaih, Siwar)  from Sumatra.  The hilt type is called "Hulu Iku Mie".

Although a multitude of edged weapons are found in Aceh there are three primary weapons that have played a role in Aceh’s history. They are the rencong, sewar and peudeueng.

The sewar is a ceremonial dagger, the prerogative of the sultan and men of substantial wealth. It differs from the rencong in appearance in that it has a more bulbous hilt and has a straighter blade with the sharp edge facing downward when the weapon is held in a "pistol grip". Sewar and rencong are otherwise of roughly the same size and with slim blades that end in a very fine tip that is suitable for thrust-type stabbing attacks.

In accord with this weapon's high prestige significance, the hilt and scabbard of the sewar are more elaborately decorated than that of the rencong. This sewar displays elaborate floral carving on the chafe and throat of the scabbard as well as on the hilt. The dagger has a brass ferrule and brass bands around the scabbard.

This blade is decorated with etched arabic script, often seen in weapons from the predominantly Muslim regions of the Indonesia Archipelago and Malaysia.

Edged Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago