Sikin Panjang Gold crown

SikinPanjang gold l

Code IN75

This is an sikin (peudeueng) panjang sword from N. Sumatra, typical of the Aceh ethnic group, circa late 18th to early 19th C. This is a prestige sword, a high status symbol that would have been restricted to members of the nobility or high religious leaders. The sword was collected during the Aceh war. The sikin was an effective fighting weapon in that region of Indonesia during the Aceh wars against the Dutch (c. 1873 − 1914). 

A sanguinary battle has taken place in Aceh, a native Kingdom occupying the Northern portion of the island of Sumatra. The Dutch delivered a general assault and now we have details of the result. The attack was repulsed with great slaughter. The Dutch general was killed, and his army put to disastrous flight. It appears, indeed, to have been literally decimated.

- The New York Times, May 6th, 1873

The blade is laminated, of high quality steel, with a single wide fuller running along the top of the blade on each side from the base. The faceted ferrule is integral, forged with the blade.

The bolster (gulpa) is enameled gold in a crown motif. One, two, and three crowns are sometimes seen.

This hilt (hulu) is in the traditional rumpung shape, of albino horn. It is translucent and the horn features are easily seen.

The scabbard is of traditional form and finely inked with geometric and floral design.

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