Siraui Minangkabau

Siraui with scabbard - A

Code IN65

This is a siraui from the Minang (Urang Minang, Suku Minang), an ethnic group indigenous to the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra. This is the so-called “fighting” version although almost all edged weapons from the area have dual use by nature of being very sharp. The scabbard, of wood, is typical. The hilt is in the style of hulu peudoi. The overall length is 10 inches. The blade is sharp along the top, convex edge. The blade is quite thick nearest the hilt with the edge unsharpened in that area. It is said that the thumb rests here when properly gripped, the pommel nestled in the palm of the hand. The thickness of the blade along the concave side is equal to the edge at the hilt, then tapers distally.