Golok Lenkung

Sumatra Golok Lenkung

Code IN43

This is a Golok Lenkung from northern Sumatra. The hilt and scabbard are entirely covered in silver and profusely decorated with embossed and chased floral patterns. The European influence is evident in the scabbard which features a European-style chape, typically present only on scabbards for very long swords to prevent damage from dragging the end of the scabbard along the ground. This type of hilt is sometimes said to symbolize a bird's head.

The overall length is 18 inches. The blade is 13 ¼ inches, measured in a straight line tip to hilt. The blade is ¼ inch thick near the hilt, tapering distally towards the tip. The width of the blade is 1 inch for the first ⅔ of its length from the hilt, thereafter reducing gradually to ½ inch width at the spatulate-shaped tip.  The blade is on the convex side and sharp on both sides with a complex grind

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For comparison, this sword is very similar in size, shape and decoration with a golok shown on the Old Blades - Malay World Edged Weapons site.