Gunong / Puņal de Kriss

A great resource regarding Gunong's and other Moro weapons can be found at "Federico's Moro Swords"

The gunong is also known as a "puņal" or "puņal de kris". It is both a utility knife as well as a concealable dagger of last defense for both men and women.  Gunong blades may be straight or have waves.  Older hilts are slightly bag-shaped and only slightly curved. Over time the shape of the hilt has become more bulbous and shifted considerably towards the "pistol" grip that now is ubuiquitous. Older gunongs were simple in decoration - as a concealed weapon, the prestige of a highly decorated scabbard and fittings were unnecessary.  Since World War 2, the availability of numerous other metals -- and a profitable tourist trade -- has led to much more decoration as well as a trend towards thinner blades.  Gunong, if they are not concealed elsewhere, are often worn at the back in a waist sash.

The puņal de kriss is the name given to the gunong knife of the Philippines in those areas such as Mindanao that were heavily influenced by Spain.