Ricikan / Perabot

Sculptured and Chiseled Features on a Keris blade

The sculptured or chiseled features found near the base of the blade are called ricikan (sometimes also “perabot”, as they are also decoration). These make a strong contribution to the classification (dapur) of a keris.  Well-made keris perabot features may be very intricate.  In some cases, they may look like animals or a human figure.

English translation for some of the terms

  • Pesi = Tang
  • Ganja = Guard
  • Kembang Kacan = Groundnut flower
  • Lambe Gajah = Elephant's lips
  • Belalai Gajah = Elephant's trunk
  • Gandik = Pestle
  • Jenngot = Beard
  • Sogokan = Stick
  • Pejetan = to squeeze
  • Wideng = Small young crab