Mazir-i-Sharif Stamp

Mazar-i-Sharif Stamp Marking

Mazir-i-Sharif Stamp on a sword

The Mazir-i-Sharif stamp is an Afghan government property marking. It was often stamped at the arsenal in Kabul on both local and imported swords and other edged weapons. It is the regime stamp used during the rule of Emir Abdur Rahman Khan (c. 1880-1901). "Mazir i Sharif means Noble Shrine, a name specifically in reference to the Shrine of Hazrat Ali at the Mosque at Mazir i Sharif. The stamp was used on other regime property such as coins.

Photo credits Ethnographic Edged Weapon Forum

Mazir-i-Sharif Stamp on Coin circa 1315

Mazir-i-Sharif Stamp on a coin