Indonesian Hilts (Hulu, Sukul) Nomenclature

It is important to remember that Indonesia is home to many different tribes and ethnic groups. The designs used in edged weapons of the region have been shared over the centuries. It is not uncommon to find the same, or very similar, feature (such as a hilt) with many different names depending on the speaker, language, culture, time and situation. This page provides a pictorial index. The name listed under each picture is only one of the names of a hilt type that is found.  Please visit the individual page to find alternate names and spellings.

Two words for hilt on the island of Sumatra are used by different tribes, but are otherwise identical:  Hulu and Sukul

See also: Aceh Hulu (Hilt) Types, and Indonesian Hulu (Hilt) Types


References (External):

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See also: (Deutsch)