The Kodavas (Coorg)

The Kodavas are renowned warriors (sometimes known as the “Lords of War”) who live on the southwestern coast of India in a region called Kodaga. The British referred to them as “Coorgi” (an anglicized corruption of Kodaga, said to be derived from the Kanarese Kudu, " steep," "hilly") Their homeland has been defended vigorously (and successfully) for two millennia. Some people believe they are descendants of part of Alexander the Great's army. These men in Alexander's army may have come from what is now Syria.  


"The Kodagas constitute a highland clan, free from the trammels of caste, and they have the manly bearing and independent spirit natural in men who have been from time immemorial the lords of their soil."

Their religion consists of ancestor and demon-worship, with a certain mixture of Brahman cults. The men are by tradition warriors and hunters, and while they will plough the fields and reap the rice, they leave all menial work to the women and servants. 

Kodava Edged Weapons:  Ayda Katti, Pichangatti


Coorg Culture

 A Tiger Wedding in Coorg, India

Culture of Kodavas

Kodava People

Kodagu shown in Karnataka District

Kodagu political region today,
 shown in orange in Karnataka District, Southwest India