“This knife exists as a thing of beauty, functionality and integrity. It exists as its own being, different from anything else on the Earth.  It has a soul of its own molded into it by the maker.  Its medicine contains the heat and force of the forge fire and the power, skill and creativity of the maker that forged a part of himself into the blade.

This knife will outlive men and should be handed down and admired by those worthy of such a creation.  When holding and viewing this knife it will actually speak to you by a warmth and radiance it emanates.  I can feel its power when I hold it and can recall the sweat, heat and the sound of the hammer ringing on the anvil.

It is one of my creations I have sent out into the world to do what it may to enhance the lives of others.”
- Ray Rantanen, Blacksmith

"If you become gentle and timid, you will never learn anything about fencing. "
- Johannes Liechtenauer

"If you want to learn how to fight properly and effectively with the long sword, so that you may, without gloves and without all armour, guard your hands and your entire body against all kinds of weapons, against sword, against spear, against halberd, against long knife and also against other weapons, then firstly mark that you know well the strikes and the steps, and mark that you always turn your hands upward with the hilt, and always hide behind the sword, and hold the head close to the hilt."
- Hugo Wittenwiler, ca 1493

"Those who beat swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who don't."
- Benjamin Franklin

"...And, for that purpose, I'll anoint my sword…
...that if I gall him slightly,
It may be death".
— "Hamlet" iv, vii, Shakespeare

Said Alfred: "Who would see
Signs, must give all things. Verily
Man shall not taste of victory
Till he throws his sword away."
— G. K. Chesterton in The Ballad of the White Horse (1911)

"There may be a hundred stances and sword positions, but you win with just one."
- Yagyū Munenori, in The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War (1632)

"Never give a sword to a man who cannot dance."
- Confucius

"Us sceal ord and ecg aer geseman grim guthplega, aer we gofol syllon.

(Spear-point and sword-edge shall bring us first together
Grim shall be the game of war, ere we give you tribute.}"

- Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, The Battle of Maldon, AD 993

“Keep in mind the true principles of a man in holding the dagger is the responsibility of the treatment he should pull the dagger from the sheath friend is a last resort when the exit has been deadlocked since the stakes good self-esteem and honor yourself, family and nation, so virtuous servant of god humble and so knight, do not stab when the opponent is already down, do not stab when unarmed enemy ...... ... Praise be to GOD Almighty owner of all the worlds.”

- unknown,regarding the “Rencong” dagger,  translated to English from the language of Sumatra