Steel Types and Patterns

The history of steel is a major topic itself. (See links at bottom of this page.) There were many sources and people traveled far and wide to find and trade for the best steel they could find. Good steel makes a good sword. Great steel, and a great smith, make a great sword.

In 1154 AD al-Idirisi, an Arab traveller and geographer wrote in his book ' ar-Rujjar ' :

The people of Zabag (Javaka : Srivijaya or Old Kedah) went to the land of Sofala (in modern Mozambique) and exported iron. From there, they brought the supplies to the whole Hindia. No iron can challenge their iron in terms of quality and sharpness.

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Takahashi Nobuhide forging a sword

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The inscription reads “Takahashi Nobuhide okina tanren no zu,” - “A picture of the elderly gentleman Takahashi Nobuhide forging a sword.”