Code: PP14

This is a newly made pinuti (pinute) from Albay in the Bicol region of the Philippines. The pinuti sword a traditional tool of the Vasayan people.  This is a working blade, historically used in agriculture.  Today, it is used primarily as a fighting weapon by those who practice the Philippine martial art called Kali Arnis.  The word “pinute” is Taglog and translates as “whitened or polished blade.” Similarly, the word “pinuti” is a Cebuano term which means whitened.   When used as a farm implement, the blade would darken naturally after contact with plant and animal fluids.  Upon sharpening, the edge would once again glimmer with the exposed fresh steel, thus “whitening”.

This pinute is 23 1/3 inch in overall length.  The blade, carbon steel and extremely sharp, is 17 inches long, 1 1/2 inches in the widest place, and 3/16 inches thick tapering distally to the point. A maker’s mark is found. The hilt, 5 12/ inches, is coarsely shaped, made from guava wood. The lacquered hilt has some scratches.

Definitely not a tourist item!  This is a working knife for agriculture and other uses. This weapon is very well balanced with a weight of 14.7 oz.