Royal Markings

The inclusion of a "Royal Cypher" is a useful clue for identifying blades from makers who had a "Royal Warrant" from one (or more) of the British royalty.  This usually indicated that a royal had purchased cutlery from the firm.  Such warrants endured beyond the death of the Monarch in question.

Many fake Crown & Monarch marks are found, so caution is warranted.

  • G (crown) R (hand cut stamp) [George II, III, and IV]: before 1830.
  • W (crown) R [William IV]: 1830-1837. 
  • V (crown) R [Victoria]: 1837-1901. 
  • E (crown) R [Edward VII]: 1901-1910. 
  • G (crown) R (modern style multi-line stamp) [George V and VI]: 1910-1952.