Bangala Ngulu Sword (Congo)


Bangala Sword

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Bangala-Ngala People

The Ngulu sword is known as an “executioner’s sword”, for that was its primary use over a large area of the Congo. Manufactured by the Ngombe tribe, the ngulu was traded to many different tribes including the Bangala (Ngala) despite their history as sworn enemies.  

This sword was originally obtained by a missionary, the uncle of the previous owner, in the Belgian Congo in the early part of 20th century.  It is known that Belgian members of the Trappists were recalled from the Congo in 1925. We know the original collector returned to Belgium with this sword before 1960.  Everything is original.  The decorated blade, while rare, is not unusual.  The blade is just over 27 inches long, engraved and painted.  The meaning of the designs is unknown.

Bangala is the name of a station on the Congo River, set up in the 19th century.  It also refers to the language, a dialect of Mongo that is spoken in the Orientale Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  A number of tribes live in the area, all part of the Mongo ethnic group.

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Ngombe with ngulu sword

A Mongo Chief with ngulu sword

Blade detail, Bangala Ngulu Sword from CongoHilt detail, Bangala Ngulu Sword from Congo

Blade detail, Bangala Ngulu Sword from Congo

Blade detail, Bangala Ngulu Sword from Congo