Salampasu (Congo)

Salampasu sword

Code:  AC6

A large, well-forged sword from the Salampasu tribe, who live betweenb the Kasai and Lulua rivers in modern-day Angola and DR Congo.  The sword is 22 inches in length, razor sharp on both edges.  The grip is carved.  The scabbard, dyed in the rusty color common to many African swords, is complete with leather-covered wood of considerable age.  Woven rattan at the top, back, and bottom is braided and intact.

Althought they remain feared by neighbors who to this day (justifiably) regard them as cannibals, the Salampasu tribe lived by a code that was not uniformly cruel.  They gave shelter and food to Dr. Livingston, the great British explorer, during a lengthly time when he was stranded without any trade items and abandoned by his caravan.  He was thought to be missing and presumed dead until rescued by Mr. Stanley, a reporter-adventurer working for the New York Herald (now the International Herald-Tribune). 

Hilt detail, Salampasu sword

Blade detail, Salampasu sword
Sword Ba Salampasu

Sword Ba Salampasu