Bou-Saada Khodmi 1 (Algeria)

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Code:  AN10

This is a khodmi (khodami) dagger from the Bou-Saada (Bou Saddi) region of southern Algeria.  The khodmi knives are most common in Morocco, but a few also are made in Algeria and other N. African areas. This style of knife is a cousin of the Morrocan Flyssa.

This knife is somewhat larger than a typical khodmi at approximately 36.5 cm. Typical of these knives, the distinctive decoration is found on one side of the blade only. The hilt is wooden and tightly wire wrapped. The scabbard is also beautifully decorated and in good condition with a few minor splits.

Bou-Saada is an important market town that produces fine metalwork including these knives.