Nimcha "Wedding" Dagger

Code:  AN1

This is an pre-WWI decorative example of a dagger from Algiers, sometimes used in ceremonies (hence "wedding dagger"). The dagger shows fine workmanship on the all-wood handle and scabbard, entirely carved in Algiers design.

The handle and scabbard are carved and inlaid with wire, mother-of-pearl, and coral for a very decorative presentation.

 The blade is also engraved in a geometric pattern typical of these knives and the region, with inlaid brass on the spine.

The blade, 16”,  is quite sharp and the tip exceptionally  deadly.  It is a wonder therefore that this dagger is also known as a “Wedding Nimcha”! The primary function of the dagger is ceremonial, not for fighting.

This nimcha is related to the much larger fighting weapon call the shula and the straight-bladed flyssa, also typical of Algiers.