Kanetsune Hunting Knife 2

J4 Kanetsune KB201-W600

Code: J4

A second Kanetsune knife in the traditional Japanese hunting knife style.  The hilt is oak wood wrapped with cherry tree skin.

Blade length: 4 ¾ inches;  Overall: 9 ⅜ inches.

The steel is Hitachi blue steel  ("Aogami")  15 layer "damascus" (folded steel).  The blade is 3.5mm thick.

The scabbard is magnolia with cherry wood wrap.

This might be one of the most sharp knives I own.  It feels perfect in the hand.   It has a hidden tang construction that is thicker than the usual stick tang. Like many Japanese knifes, the temper is harder that what would find in a similar western knife making this a very good "slicing" knife but not as good a "chopper".  It is exttremely sharp and holds an edge very well.