Dhal Elbow Shield Mamaluk

Dhal Elbow Shield (India)

Code:  IP17

This is the first shield I have added to my collection.  It is a late 19th to early 20th century Mamaluk (“Damascus style”) riders elbow shield called a Dhal. The shield shows an intricate form of metalwork technique from the past. The design is striking, remarkable and demonstrates how complex the construction of this shield was. The entire surface is chased and engraved with scrolls and floral motive. Four bronze bosses extrude.  The size of the shield is 10 1/4 inches diameter by 2" high.

On the rear of the shied, the original padded velvet lining and straps are shown (one is broken).

Based on the engraving style and the four "bosses" (round metal pieces), the shield resembles a Dhal in Punjab style, late 18th Century AD (see the book, Arms and Armour of India).