Sirah Bouk

A Sirah Bouk dagger

Code: IP6

This is a 20th century Indo-Persian “Sirah Bouk” (Zirah Bouk) which literally translates as “mail piercer”.  In Persian, the term for armor is “Zereh” (or “Djoshan”). “Zirah” is the Indian version.

This dagger is an excellent example of the type, from the Mughal Rajput era.  It has an overall size of 35cm. The blade is 21cm, of damascus steel in excellent condition.

At the tip the cross-section is the typical diamond shape with a short conical point, perfect for piercing through the rings of chain mail. 

The blade also has some very nice silver damascene work. 

The hilt is decorated with walrus-tooth ivory, noted for its durability.

Sirah Bouk tip detail

Sirah Bouk hilt detail