Karda (Nepal or Bhutan)


A karda knife from Nepal or Bhutan

Code:  CA8

This is provisionally identified as an old (c. early 20th Century) karda knife from either Nepal or Bhutan.  It may have seen use as a “patch knife” used for cutting excess wadding when loading a muzzle-loading gun.  The blade is iron and very sharp.  The handle is dear horn.  The sheath is made from wood with a silvery metal top (might be tin?).  Overall, the condition is good with signs of age and use.  The dark surface patina is superb.

Overall length:  26.3 cm

The Khukuri knife from Nepal is generally accompanied by two smaller knives, one sharp and one unsharpened.  The small sharp knife is a Karda. When a child is born, the Karda is used to cut the umbilical cord. Afterwards the knife is placed at the side of the cot to ward off evil spirits.

Karda knife horn hilt detail karda knife in scabbard