Kukri (Nepal)

Contemporary Kukri

Code: CA10

A contemporary Kukri (also "Khukuri") from Katmandu, Nepal.  This kukri blade is hand engraved with brass inlay.  The design on one side depicts a single dragon.  On the obverse, the design shows two dragons, one on either side of a temple.

The Kukri is 18" overall, with a wood handle and brass pommel and fittings.  The blade is 12.25", made apparently of  spring steel, 3/8" thick at the back edge tapering distally to the tip. The blade is exceptionally sharp.  The wooden sheath that matches the wood hilt of the kukri and those of the two small knives that traditionally come with a kukri (see below). The sheath has several brass inlayed decorations, brass edging along the sides, brass binding, a brass toe, and brass belt loop.

Two traditional small knives with wood handles, the sharpened Karda, used for cutting an infants umbilical cord at birth (and later placed by the crib for protection) and the unsharpened Chakmak used for striking sparks for fire are also included, and fit into sleeves in the sheath.