Omani Khanjar

Sayyidi khanjar from Oman

Code AN30

This is a khanjar from Oman.  The number of rings is a key design feature of Omani khanjars. This one has two prominent rings in front, indicating it is of typical design.  In contrast, a khanjar with five rings may be a "Sayyidi" (Sayidi), named after the Al Sayyidi Khanjar (Royal Omani Dagger) commissioned for the royal family.  The five rings actually follows Indian style. An even more classic style has 7 rings on the belt. "Khanjar" is an Omani word.  While similar in form, symbology, and manner of wear, the word "janbiya" is not applied to this type of dagger in Oman.

In Oman, the khanjar in the past was worn on a daily basis for protection. Today it is worn only at times of celebration or when formal protocol requires it. The khanjar is a symbol of national cultural heritage and reflects manhood and social standing. Every khanjar is the handmade product of a master artisan whose skills were passed down to him from his father. The hilts and scabbards are typically profusely decorated with silver, like this example, but gold, leather and other materials are also found.

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A sayyidi khanjar from Oman

A Khanjar from Oman

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