Majdali Damascus Hybrid Jambiya


Code: AN17

This is an old (circa 1920-1940) Janbiya from the Druze village of Magdal (Majdal) Shams (مجدل شمس, “Tower of the Sun”) situated on the remote high slopes of mount Hermon in the Golan, Syria (jurisdiction of Israel since 1967).  The etched blade is 6 inches in length, the knife 10 inches overall.  The hilt is ebony stacked with a mosaic of bits of horn, bone, mother of pearl and brass in an intricate geometric style that is typical only to Majdal Shams and surrounding villages.  The pommel is brass.  The blade is very strong and slightly curved in typical Janbiya style.  A wooden sheath with tooled leather covering is in very good condition. Arabic writing decorates the sheath and blade.

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