Majdali Janbiya Poem


Code: AN20

A janbiya produced circa 1920 - 1940 in the Druze town of Majdal Shams (مجدل شمس, “Tower of the Sun”), situated on the remote high slopes of mount Hermon in the Golan, Syria (jurisdiction of Israel since 1967). Also called a “Majdali”, this type of janbiya is characterized by a flatter hilt without the multicolor stones typical of Damascus, Syria janbiya. 


Also typical of the type, this Majdali has a poem engraved on the blade (both sides) close to the hilt.  The blade as a diamond cross section and is sharpened.  

The hilt itself is composed of a series of rings made from goat horn and some type of bone.  A small brass plate on the reverse side.

The hilt is decorated with brass, copper, and bone and possibly mother of pearl inlays.  The pommel is brass.

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