Ifugao Hinalung Dagger

Ifugao Hinalung Dagger

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Ifugao Hinalung Dagger Hilt Detail

This is a Hinalung dagger, made by the Ifugao tribe of Cordillera Mountain ranges of Central Northern Luzon, Philippines.  The dagger is approximately 12 inches in length and extremely sharp.  

Generally speaking, “Hinalung” is an Ifugao  term for a short to moderately long double edged bladed implement which may be used on a pole as a spear or in the hand as a dagger or chopper. This possibility of dual use is facilitated by the design which incorporates a integral hollow handle or socket variably covered by rattan bands.

The tang of the blade is folded over into a roughly spherical shape and bound with rattan to form the hilt of the blade.  This blade could be easily mounted on a pole rather than with the fist-shaped pommel in this example.

Ifugao Hinalung Dagger Scabbard Detail

The scabbard is formed of the same hardwood as the pommel, and features a face. 

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