Ifugao Pinahig Machete

Ifugao Pinahig Machete

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This is a Pinahig machete (also called a “bolo” )made by the Ifugao tribe of the Cordillera Mountain ranges of Central Northern Luzon, Philippines. The Pinahig has a blade which becomes wider and thinner towards a relatively rounded tip obviously adapted entirely for the cut. The full tang 14 inch blade is functional and well balanced. On this Pinahig, the material of the tang has been flattened out and bent around to form a gently flattened and tapering cylinder  wrapped with woven rattan. The Pinahig alone weighs 2 lbs.  The addition of the scabbard and smaller blade bring the set to just over 3 lbs.

The open-faced scabbard, or “hikot”,  is made of Narra wood and also holds a smaller knife, identical in design to the larger Pinahig.  This scabbard is typical, being essentially a board hollowed slightly on one face to fit the blade which is held in place by a small low wooden arch bound to the main part of the sheath by rattan.

In this picture, an Ifugao member dances with a Pinahig at his waist.

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