Bagobo Sangi Knife

Bagobo Sangi Knife

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This knife is referred to as a "sangi" (sangngi) and a good example of the Bagobo traditions of metal crafting. The Bagobos have ornate traditions in weaponry and are noted for their skill in producing brass articles through the ancient lost-wax process. Sangi may have a variety of hilts and sheaths, and there is some variation in blade shape as well. The sangi is a utility knife which is used primarily for handiwork and harvesting rice.  The sangi is found only on the island of Mindano in The Philippines and is attributed to the Bagobo, Kaolu, B'laan and T'Boli tribes.  The T'boli and Bagobo are fond of the small bells, called "tiger bells", that attach to the knife and sheath. The never ending jingling of the many tiny brass bells woven into the clothing has become a Bagobo symbol.

This knife strongly resembles another one previously identified as made by thte Bagobo; see: Oriental-Arms: Utility knife of the Bagobo tribe, Philippines

The photo below shows a historical Bagobo family.

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A vintage photo of a Bagobo family

A Bagobo Family, Mindanao, Philippines